Cat Goes Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing Game

Cat Goes Fishing
  • Developer: Cat5Games
  • Genre: Simulation Game
  • Version: 4.2.12
User Rating: Rating 4.72

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Release Date
Jan 20, 2015
Simulation Game
Windows, Android


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Reel in the Fun With Cat Goes Fishing Free-to-Play Game!

William Rogers

Imagine an engaging game where a cute feline protagonist is the main character in a fishing adventure. Welcome to Cat Goes Fishing game, where players embark on a fun-filled fishing expedition. This unique game offers an opportunity to experience fishing in a light-hearted, yet challenging setting on your PC. If you seek an entertaining, family-friendly game, delve into the world of Cat Goes Fishing and experience a thrilling expedition.


In Cat Goes Fishing, a captivating experience awaits as the main character fulfills her favorite pastime. With a simple rod, reel, and a determination to fish, the cat's adventure begins. Interestingly, each catch presents a distinct challenge. The game steadily progresses into an addictive endeavor where you must delve deeper into the sea, encountering bigger and more elusive fishes.

To further enhance your experience, Cat Goes Fishing free-to-play game provides various tools and bait options for your catches. Each tool and bait you earn helps target various species of fish, adding more excitement to your gaming session. Cat Goes Fishing does a fantastic job at introducing these new tools and baits organically, meaning players don't feel overwhelmed but intrigued and excited to keep progressing.


Enchanting and playful. These are the words that best describe the game's graphics. Each animation is beautiful and well-executed. Creating a delightful and seamless experience. The game's colorful scenic beauty can make your screen vibrant like never before.

  • Immersive sound design that goes in sync with the gameplay updates.
  • Sound effects from the splashing of water to the cat’s delightful purring, captivate all players.

Level Design

Each stage comes with a new challenge. As you progress, the game continues to keep you at the edge of your chair. Seek out the rarest and most expensive species to earn a stellar amount of coins. Getting Cat Goes Fishing free to download is a gratifying experience.


The storyline in Cat Goes Fishing is straightforward. You control your feline friend, casting her line into the sea to capture a variety of fish. There isn't much in terms of story, but would you really need one when you can Cat Goes Fishing play with such a simple and entertaining premise?

The game incorporates a progress system, rewarding strategic fishing and successful catches with money. This, in turn, allows the player to purchase better fishing gear, enhancing the overall experience.

When it comes to graphics, Cat Goes Fishing presents players with a charming and colorful aesthetic. Its designs are pleasing to the eyes, perfect for players looking to relax and enjoy a visually appealing game. Its simplicity goes hand-in-hand with its attractive artwork, creating a serene, casual gaming environment. This, in turn, makes the Cat Goes Fishing free full version a visual treat for all ages.


While you might think a fishing game may not require much in terms of sound effects, Cat Goes Fishing begs to differ. Whether it's the satisfying splash of casting the line, the tension-filled reeling in of a large catch, or the joyful sound of success, each auditory element adds an immersive layer to the game.

Furthermore, the Cat Goes Fishing for free on PC provides a calming seaside soundtrack, perfectly encapsulating the relaxing gameplay and beautiful setting. The overall sound design contributes to a tranquil gaming environment, complementing the graphics very well.


Another strength of the game lies in its controls. They are intuitive and straightforward, requiring only a few buttons to maneuver successfully. This makes the Cat Goes Fishing download for free a breeze, letting players hop right into their fishing adventures.

From casting to reeling, every action feels responsive, adding to the overall enjoyment of the game. There's nothing as satisfying as executing accurate cast and catching a big fish, thanks to these straightforward controls.


All in all, Cat Goes Fishing provides a unique and entertaining experience for players of all ages. With its charming graphics, calming soundtrack, and intuitive controls, it makes each fishing trip a joy. This Cat Goes Fishing PC game is the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

So, for the ultimate fishing expedition with your new feline friend, foresee the Cat Goes Fishing for free game. Overall, offering a wonderful combination of fun gameplay, charming graphics, and delightful sound designs, Cat Goes Fishing is the perfect game for those looking for a cute and entertaining way to kill time. By making Cat Goes Fishing game for free, the developers have made sure this fishing adventure is accessible for all.


  • Exciting gameplay with challenging fishing mechanics.
  • Wide variety of fish species to catch.
  • Beautifully designed underwater environments.
  • Fun and addictive progression system.
  • Relaxing and immersive fishing experience.


  • Limited replayability after completing all quests.
  • Lack of multiplayer or online features.

Cat Goes Fishing FAQs: Your Questions Answered!

  • Can you provide some tips for beginners in Cat Goes Fishing?

    As a novice, you may find the game's mechanics slightly challenging but with a little patience and practice, you'll improve over time. Initially, you focus on catching small fish, and gradually, as you earn money, use it to upgrade your fishing rod and bait for bigger catches. Interesting fact: you can play Cat Goes Fishing now anytime you feel like relaxing to a bit of virtual angling.

  • What is the gameplay like in Cat Goes Fishing?

    Cat Goes Fishing is a casual fishing simulation game with immersive, and simplistic gameplay. The game sets you up with a fishing rod as your single tool, and tasks you with catching every type of fish in the sea, whether during the day or at night, each with its own unique behavior. You can download Cat Goes Fishing for PC to enjoy its full range of offerings.

  • How does Cat Goes Fishing compare to other fishing games in terms of level design?

    Cat Goes Fishing sets itself apart with a simple yet engaging level design. Its water expanse contains varying depths that harbor different species of fish, rare and common alike, evolving as the game progresses. Furthermore, the game introduces obstacles to test your fishing skills, thereby ensuring each catch feels rewarding. As a fun fact, many gamers found the free Cat Goes Fishing version to have a compelling design.

  • Are there any unique features in Cat Goes Fishing that are different from the previous releases?

    Indeed, Cat Goes Fishing carries upgrades from its predecessor especially in the format of challenges. These challenges task players with capturing specific fish types sometimes in peculiar ways, which adds an entirely new level of fun and variety to the gameplay. Given its added features, it's not surprising that many players had an interest in how to get Cat Goes Fishing for free.

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